Evolutions I.T. Staffing specializes in locating top talent for direct-hire opportunities in all areas of information technology. We take the burden of sifting through hundreds of resumes off your plate, and present only a handful of candidates we truly believe can do the job. Our team evolves with you in adapting to various new technologies and can also assist in locating niche professionals. Our areas of expertise include infrastructure management, systems administration, information security, programming, business analysis, web design, and much more.

 Our ethical process is based upon our core values:

Honesty is everything in our business! Clients, we promise to never misrepresent a potential candidate by “tailoring” a resume to “fit the position.” Candidates, we promise to be open and honest guides in assisting you in getting to the next level of your career.

Knowledge is power! Our strategic screening process consists of learning as much as possible about the client, environment, project, and technical footprint. The more we know- the better opportunity our team has in marketing the position.

Equality for all!  We strive to be the very best and want to make sure our services are perfect on both sides of the fence. We provide the same attentiveness and care to our candidates, our clients receive every day.

Pro-Activity is important in what we do! Staffing is unpredictable. You never know what could happen within a moment’s notice…. things could suddenly change. Evolutions I.T. Staffing takes a proactive approach in meeting and learning about your potential future needs.  Clients, when you are ready to hire- we are ready to assist by providing resumes almost instantly! Candidates, when we identify that ideal opportunity- we can instantly get you connected!

Evolutions I.T. Staffing is committed to conducting business in a professional, ethical and trustworthy way. You can be confident of our services and know that we have you covered.

Our message is simple:

Your time is valuable and it will not go to waste. We are here for you….